Big Decisions and So Little Time…


When I traveled to New Zealand in January, one of the things that I noticed quickly was the different flush options available when using the toilet. This knob went either way, so it wasn’t apparent at first exactly what I was selecting. I thought the little circles were decorations.


When I arrived at this flush options, the light went on and I realized I had the opportunity to select a half flush or a full flush. Ooooh, options…But, what constitutes a half flush and what warrants a full flush?


OK, so I am thinking someone stole the knobs off this toilet…perhaps they are collector items???


This one clearly marked my options, but the full was on the left and the half was on the right. I think there should be some consistency as to where they are located.


Now see what I mean…no markings on these buttons…which  is half and which is full?


This was a smart flush, but they weren’t smart enough to mark the buttons!


This was the first toilet flush that really confused me. Did they have the options and if so how did it work?flush8

I am now back on track, clearly marked and quite stylish.flush9

These buttons were huge!!! Were they handicap flush buttons?flush10

I liked this one, it is rather stylish. By now I had the full flush and half flush down to a science…but the buttons still fascinated me.

When I arrived back in the USA, I felt cheated…I no longer had the option to select half flush or full flush as the flush was automatic which caused me not to linger once my task was complete.


I have to admit, when I am  visiting a new place, I tend to note the signs everyone. This one caught my eye and just made me laugh out loud! Look at the faces on those guys. I wonder if they are know as the “Big Nuts” guys.

fun2The New Zealand humor was everywhere. This was a sign on the door of a restaurant in Queenstown. I bet it got  everyone’s attention.

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2 Responses to “Big Decisions and So Little Time…”

  1. Linda Revis Says:

    That was hilarious! I’ll probably never get to New Zealand but now I know what those two buttons mean if I ever do.

  2. Dannielle Says:

    Actually the one that you state is a smart flush (SmartFlush Caroma) but they weren’t smart enough to mark the buttons, if you look closely at the divide between the two halves, you can see what looks to be textured lines. The one on the left is a half line and the one on the right is a full line…denoting the half and full flush in a very discreet manner!

    And I love the NZ humor! That’s is what we need around here!