Tough Job, But Someone Has to Do It!

Sewing Studio

I just returned from Bloomington/Normal, IL where I lectured and taught for a wonderful quilt guild, the Hands All Around Quilt Guild. Because of the flight options, I chose to fly in the day before presenting my evening lecture. That meant I had a free day to shop. I know, it is a tough job, but I muddled through with the help of my two new best friends, Barb and Virginia. First stop was the Sewing Studio where we shopped for 30’s fabric, Virginia’s favorite and I was looking for some batiks to work into a cruise project. Everyone was delightful and Virginia hit paydirt with some “sale” fabric.

Peddler's Way

Then we headed to Washington, IL where we had a delightful lunch …we needed it to have strength to shop at the lovely Peddler’s Way. We wandered through the various rooms and even climbed the stairs to an entire new level of fabrics. I found some perfect batiks.

Virginia and her new BOM

Virginia found a Block of the Month that made her heart sing!

I found a fun pumpkin patch

Next we were off to another quilt shop in Morton, IL called The Quilt Corner. However, we were traveling through the farm country and stopped at a fun pumpkin patch. Virginia bought a gourd and I contemplated this fun squash…should I buy it?, my…how would I get that on the airplane????

The Quilt Corner

Surprisingly, the Quilt Corner is not on a corner. It is in a mall. I walked in the door and saw all the lovely quilts hanging around the shop and remembered that I had been here once before. Amazing how you can remember how a particular shop looked. A really fun shop full of lots of kits and super fabrics!

Happy Mariner's Compass student

But I was here to teach classes after all… on to classes. The first day I taught the Sunrise Quilt class and geeze…we are so busy, I forgot to take any pictures with my camera. I did take a few with my phone though.

On Saturday, I taught the Sunset at Sea class. Everyone came with their fabric precut and ready to jump in and sew.

Trish was really serious…she was making hers larger…wait until you see what she accomplished…

The students were sooooo much fun….we did have lots of chuckles…

Pat seems surprised that she made this….great colors but pretty much along the sample colors…

Brenda used a completely different color combo…

Blocks moved along pretty quickly…

Loved this color combo….This one is going to sing tropical….think she was inspired by that apple?

Here is another combo that will take on a neat look.Look what Trish accomplished! She was a house afire with her sewing machine.

So class is ending and I am offered the opportunity to visit yet another quilt shop. I am never too tired and to shop. So off to the Treadle in Bloomington, IL we go. We were warmly greeted by the owner, Vicky.

Looking for setting triangles.

We walked in the door and it was apparent that Vicky had some fabric. Barb headed off one aisle looking for the perfect batik to use as setting triangles for her Sunrise Block.

Marcia was just scooting down the aisle...

Marcia and Virginia had a different mission. Ooops, watch those fat quarters…

You want it, we have it.

Me, I just kept smiling…

Such a happy place!

I even saw one of my out of print books on the shelf.

I could get lost in here.

But I understand Vicky knows exactly where everything is. Amazing mind.

Aisle Two

Vicky and Carol

I scootched in to stand behind the counter with Vicky. If you are looking for a particular fabric or book, my bet is on Vicky that she not only has it, she knows where it is in the shop. If your hubby thinks you have too much fabric, bring him here, he will think you are a Saint!

Thanks Hands All Around Quilters for a really fun trip!

All the best,


7 Responses to “Tough Job, But Someone Has to Do It!”

  1. Mari Says:

    My name is Mariana, I am brazilian, but I live in Houston since octuber/2008. I started to quilt in the end of last year and I knew your job during my Paper Piecing Class at Sunflower, a quilt studio at Houston. Since that, I became a BIG fan yours. I have two of your publications: “300 Paper-Pieced Quilt Blocks” and the DVD “Carol Doak Teachers You to Paper Piece”, and I love them!!! Hopefully, I can have your autograph in both someday.
    Congratulation, Carol, for your beautiful job!!!

  2. Carol Says:

    Hi Mari: It is so nice to meet you here. Since you live in Houston, we might just run into each other at the International Quilt Festival in Houston. I will be there teaching classes and will present a “Meet the Teachers” on Friday. Bring your book and I would be happy to sign it then. So pleased you are enjoying paper piecing! All the best, Carol

  3. Cindy Lubbert Says:

    Thanks for the trip – i used to Live in Bloomington – so it was like going home – and seeing all the familiar faces and places !!! FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. LynnEl Springer Says:

    Sew fun to see the quilt shops you traveled to while you were in my stomping grounds! Wish I could have made it to the class but I was in charge of a mini-retreat for our guild (Illini Country Stitchers) for that same weekend, in Danville, IL. at Threads of Time. You visited some awesome quilt stores – but you’re right about Vicki and The Treadle – oh man. I can hardly stand going in there – but she does have EVERYTHING! And if you know what you’re looking for, she will find it for you! But don’t try to go down the same aisle as your friend, cuz you won’t be able to! They are all one way only!! 🙂 UGH!

  5. Nancy Woodcock Says:

    Hi. I live in Normal, Il. Carol was so much fun to have as a teacher. She made things easy and solved some of my problems. I love The Treadle. Guess I’m not claustrophobic.

  6. Stephanie Soebbing Says:

    I wonder if I can convince my husband to sit in the car with our three dogs while I raid these shops on our way to Champaign/Urbana for the Illini game this weekend?

  7. Wanda Johnson Says:

    I recently found your blog. I visited The Treadle earlier this year to stock-up even though I live in PA. I always stop in when I visit relatives in Chicago. I still remember when I was first learning to quilt while I was living in Bloomington as a Chemistry graduate student at ISU. I remember the opening of the store and how neat and organized it was. So glad those days are over!!! Several times I have returned to the store to find that extra bit of fabric neede to finish a project. Many times Vicky has been able to dig out the needed fabric from hidy-hole and save the day and project. I will be back again to shop ( and visit family) soon. P.S. I have finally learned that if I absolutely-got-to-have-it (masculine fabric) to buy the whole bolt nd just not eat.