Removing Carol Doak Foundation Paper

5 Responses to “Removing Carol Doak Foundation Paper”

  1. Kela52 Says:

    Hi Carol, did you see me waving at you while I watched your video? lol Your paper sure makes taking the paper off block easy. Nice presentation. Kela

  2. kelibott Says:

    Carol…I love the vest you have on…is design in new book?

  3. Carol Doak Says:

    The vest I am wearing combines the techniques in the new book, Easy Reversible Vests-Revised Edition, but I used one of the designs in the Mariner`s Compass Stars book for the paper piecing rather than one of the designs in the new book.

  4. Barbara Craig Says:

    I just got a new HP printer and your paper gets wrinkled when it goes through it. My older model (that I recycled to get this one) never had a problem. Do you know anything that will prevent my printer from doing this? I love paper piecing and your paper! I need to print out some foundations and they just are not coming out. Any help will be appreciated. Also I loved you on The Quilt show, I learned some new techniques and I think my paper piecing is already improved. Am ordering your book next and cannot wait to start on those beautiful stars!

  5. Carol Doak Says:

    Hi Barbara: Umm, I print thousands of foundations on my new HP Laser Jet P1505n.
    When you go to print next time, click on printer features and then on “media type” and there will be a list of paper choices. Try selecting “light”. Now those directions are for my printer…you might need to explore the options for your printer. Although I can print using plain paper on my printer.