Amazing Dubai and the International Quilt Show of Dubai- Part Two.

Maureen and Mary are two quilters from the local Dubai Quilters Guild. They took me off to visit the Ibn Battuto Mall after class. This mall is amazing. It is named after a 14th century explorer and each section of the mall is done in the style of the countries he explored.

Check out this ceiling and the lights.

How about an elephant in your mall?

Here is the ceiling in the China section.

The tile work in this section was mind blowing…

Back at the ranch, the next day I taught the Perfect Points class. Everyone did super and did love their perfect points.

The gorgeous waterfall at the Dubai Mall.

Outside the mall we were treated to the world’s tallest structure is the 829.84 m (2723 ft) tall Burj Khalifa in Dubai. It is so tall, you can only get a picture of the base or part of the top.

The amazing Dubai Fountains put on a spectacular water show to music every 20 minutes. The water is shot in the air as high as a 50 story building. We ate dinner and watched several shows that I would describe as fun to very moving.

Next we are off to Part Three, the International Quilt Show of Dubai…

2 Responses to “Amazing Dubai and the International Quilt Show of Dubai- Part Two.”

  1. Janice in TN Says:

    Beautiful. So great to get to see the pictures

  2. Kay Ahr Says:

    That photo of the Dubai Fountains seems like it could be inspiration for a block. I’ll have to work on that.