Happiness Is Quilting

Happiness Is Quilting in McKinney, TX

Happiness Is Quilting in McKinney, TX

I just returned from a teaching trip to Texas. My first stop was in McKinney, Texas at a delightful shop called, Happiness Is Quilting. First off, McKinney is a charming little town with charming little shops and restaurants.

Shop2When you step in the door of the shop, the tin ceiling brings you back to another era. The high walls are the perfect place to display lots of quilts.

shop3Plan to spend some time here poking about as the shop has cute items at every turn.

Laura KayLaura Kay, owner of the shop, treated herself to the first day of workshops. Laura was having a good time….but then Laura always seems to be smiling.

Perfect Points

I taught the Perfect Points class on Sunday and everyone enjoyed seeing their Perfect Points appear just like magic!

SunriseOn Monday I taught the Sunrise Quilt. This student is admiring her sections before assembling them. Great colors!

lectureThen I was off to Bryan/College Station, Texas to present a lecture for the Blue Bonnett Quilt Guild. We had a record crowd show up that night.


I also taught the Sunrise workshop here. Now, I started to notice a familiar trend….the students seem to be wearing the same colors they brought for their blocks…red…

class2Teal anyone?

class3Some even matched their hair…

class4A happy student who likes green. A great time was had by all and lots of super quilts were nearly completed.

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