How Much Fabric Should You Buy?

I am often asked that question….I could respond with all of it! However, I like to take a logical approach to purchasing fabric. If you have a specific project in mind, then knowing the yardage or calculating the yardage is your first step. I typically buy just a bit extra, for the just incase moments.

However, what if you were just buying a fabric because you like it. How much should you purchase? A general rule is to consider the size project you typically make.

If miniatures are your thing, 1/2 yard would be plenty.

If you typically make wall quilts, 2 yards would be plenty.

But if your project is a bed quilt, then consider at least 3 yards. That is 108″ and that would be enough to use the fabric for the outside border of the quilt.

9 Yard Bundles

Recently I uploaded some 9 yard bundles on sale in my web store. I chose 3 coodinating fabrics from my Painted Forest Fabric collection and cut 3 yards each. This would be a good basis for making a quilt. A full-size quilt typically uses about 12 yards of fabric. It would be easy to add some additional yardage to these three fabrics to complete your project.

I will be adding more 9 yard bundles to the web store in the coming weeks. Take advantage of the reduced fabric prices to get a start on your next quilt.

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  1. Mari Says:

    Thanks for the great tip, Carol!!!
    Mari (Houston)