A Labor of Love Quilt


A Labor of Love Quilt

A Labor of Love Quilt

I often receive requests from people who would like to make a quilt from one of my patterns and donate it for a good cause. I received such a request from Annie Miksch from Washington State. I am always happy to grant such permission and only ask that the source of the pattern be included on the label and that it is being used with permission.

Annie wanted to use the Spinners pattern from my book, 40 Bright & Bold Paper-Pieced Blocks, to make a quilt to be auctioned of as a benefit for hr Island’s non-profit nursing home/assisted living facility. Annie wrote, “…I specifically chose one of your patterns because I knew it would have widespread appeal and look very precise thereby enabling me to raise far more money for the Care Center than I could otherwise afford to give them.”


stunning close-up of A Labor of Love

A stunning close-up of A Labor of Love

Annie wrote recently to let me know the auction had ended and that her quilt had raised one of the highest dollar amounts.


Label on Annie's quilt

Label on Annie's quilt

Annie wrote, “It is appropriate that the name of the auction was “A Labor of Love” because it truly was!”

Thank you Annie for sharing your beautiful quilt and love.

All the best,


2 Responses to “A Labor of Love Quilt”

  1. Bobbie Ventur Says:

    I was very interested in Annie’s quilt and the story behind it. My husband and I are planning on moving to Tacoma, WA by the end of the year. Our home is in the North End and we are currently rehabing it from MA!!!! I visit often to check on progress, etc. Of course when we relocate I will be looking for quilting friends. I would love a response from Annie to help me get to know the quilting world in her part of WA. Sincerely, Bobbie Ventur, avid paper piecer and follower of Carol

  2. Marga's Happy Patchwork Says:

    Hi Carol,
    I am a quilter of Spain and I receipt your Newsletter every month, I am charmed with your designs, I am a faithful follower of your books and works.
    Last November I created my blog, today I have seen your beautiful works in this blog, and I have decided that from today, also I you will follow for this channel.
    With your permission, I will put an article in my blog on your beautiful works.
    Kisses and hugges from Spain.