They Are On Their Way!!!!

One of the advantages of reading a blog is to learn about the latest information. I just heard on Friday that my new book has arrived and my books have been shipped to me. Yippee!!! Writing a book and the editing process is about a 2-year investment so learning that delivery is about to occur is great news! Another thing I did on Friday was to take my advance copy of my book to an office supply store and have it spiral bound. I do this often to my books. This is a relatively inexpensive item and really adds to my enjoyment when using my books.
Since this new book comes with a pull-out pattern sheet of the two vest patterns, I had them include in the back of the book one of those plastic pocket folders. This way my pattern sheet is securely tucked in place and protected. I love doing this to my books, because it offers me the opportunity to easily include items with my books.
The spiral binding permits the book to lay flat when I am following instructions. Speaking of instructions, the step-by-steps for the vests in this book are sooooo easy. This page shows the instructions for making the cover vest and two other color interpretations.
This page shows another one page instruction for another approach to making Easy Reversible Vests.
Since I know the books will arrive next week, I have gone ahead and added my new book to my web store.

Once you all start making vests using the easy techniques in this book, I think it would be fun to have an online fashion show here. So, please do send me your pictures ( and I will collect them until I have enough for the fashion show.
Until next time,

2 Responses to “They Are On Their Way!!!!”

  1. Jackie Says:

    Carol, That new book looks fabulous! I love the fact that you have the spiral binding. I love when you can read instructions and the book doesn’t flop back on you. Clever! Wonderful that you have the pattern sheets too!

  2. Karol-Ann Says:

    I’ll have to put this book on my Xmas wish list! How clever, to spiral-bind your books.