Eureka Outdoor Quilt Show Trip

First, let me explain why you have not seen any posts from me lately. I was caught up in the mass declaration of many blogs being labeled as a “spam” blog and my blog was locked so I could not post anything. It was just finally was unlocked and I am relieved. I am learning all the time…
Now, on to the fun of sharing my latest trip.  I just returned from Eureka, Montana where I had the pleasure of teaching several workshops prior to their charming outdoor quilt show. This upper northwest part of Montana is absolutely beautiful and I enjoyed snapping pictures from the moment I arrived.
Quilters arrived from nearby and many from neighboring states came to enjoy the few days of classes and then enjoy the show on Saturday. I taught a Fire and Ice workshop from the Mariner`s Compass Stars book, on the
first day. The students enjoyed making their Iceland blocks and some students worked so quickly they almost had their tops completed by the end of the class. It was fun to see how different the blocks looked using the varied fabric combinations.

I taught at the local school so the classroom was spacious and the lighting was wonderful. We did do quite a bit of laughing and just enjoying the day.

I stayed in a charming log cabin very close to the US and Canadian border. During a ride one day, I was able to snap a photo of the “cut line” denoting the border between the US and Canada. I never knew that they did that to show the border line and I thought it was really interesting to actually see the border.
On the second day, I taught the Perfect Points class. This is a class that is designed to take the student through the entire paper piecing process from choosing fabric to putting on the border. I do believe that everyone in the class completed their project. Many gathered around a table to admire their perfect points and the varied color combinations.
This show is always held the first Saturday in August. I highly recommend it!
I am relieved that I am up and blogging again. Perhaps, one of the things I learned waiting for my blog to be “unlocked” is patience.
Until next time, may all your points be perfect.

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  1. Karol-Ann Says:

    Glad you’re back up and blogging! Loved the border photo, I’ve never seen something like that before.