Fun, Fun, Fun in Hershey, PA

I just returned from Hershey, PA after teaching 6 workshops filled with fun and fabulous students at the Quilt Odyssey 2008. I travel with lots of stuff, so when I arrive I am always happy to receive a helping hand getting my quilts and supplies to my classroom. The staff at Hershey was wonderful and this delightful young man, who is heading off to Dartmouth in the fall, was ever so helpful. I taught six different classes and enjoyed chocolate all weekend long. What could be better? Some of the students were returning students from previous years and many others were brand new this year and lots had never paper-pieced before.

One of the trends that I really appreciated seeing was the number of young students. Brittany Austin, age 15, took two of the workshops and did beautifully in both of them. In this picture, Britanny is laying out the units she made for her first block in the Bright Stars Workshop from the Simply Sensational 9-Patch Stars book. I have a feeling we have a budding quilter here who is destined to create some wonderful projects. 
Toni Vardeman also took this class too and was really pleased with her first block. Toni was all smiles when she showed her block and the fabric that inspired the hot colors that she used. 
A quilt weekend is a great way to get away and just have fun with family and friends. I had lots of sisters, moms and daughters and good friends attending the classes together. 
Nicole Choiniere-Kroeker from Michigan and her friend, Susanne Engbers from Virginia were just tickled pink with their first Spinners blocks. Very different colors, but the same happy smiles are displayed.
And here we have one happy camper after completing her first Mariner’s Compass Star. 
I taught this class twice so there were twice as many happy students. For many, this was their first paper-pieced project. Way to go, ya’all.
Now, it is time for me to give the fifth and final clue in the “Collect the Clues Game”. Remember, you are looking for one image. If you followed the previous four clues correctly, this final clue should be a slam dunk. The first person who emails me at with the answers to the following two questions will win 60 Fat Quarters. What is the image and where did you find it?
The final clue is: The harbor and snow-capped mountains in Ketchikan are a beautiful site from my hotel window.
Good luck everyone!
Until next time, may all your points be perfect.

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  1. Barbara Barfield Says:

    Carol is so right about the staff at Hershey. It looked like I was moving in to stay! I took a paper piecing class while I was there, and now I am more inspired than I have been in so long. I have material from Texas with bluebonnets and other Texas themes (I was born there), and now I have some patterns that I may be able to use. I am so excited. I can’t wait to piece a block and post it to the Yahoo group. Grad school is interfering with my quilting, but I will get it done. Thanks again, Carol!