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NEW Easy Reversible Vests DVD

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

In September, I made a trip out to Vancouver Island, BC to film my new Easy Reversible Vests DVD. It is one thing to read about making these vests, but actually seeing the process evolve from beginning to end is such an easy way to learn and a perfect companion to the book. The outtakes also show some of the really lighter moments we shared during the filming… me, there were many light moments. I am delighted to share just a bit of the new DVD with you.

A Labor of Love

Friday, November 14th, 2008

This past week I had the pleasure of lecturing and teaching at The Gathering in Nashua, NH. It was a pleasure for me to be there to help celebrate their 20th Anniversary. I taught the first year of The Gathering and my how it has grown. Marie Geary and Jeanne Glenfield started this show and ran it for many years. We lost Jeanne last year to cancer but her daughters have taken over the reigns and are doing a super job…….They even managed big smiles at the Opening Night Banquet. The room overflowed with well wishers and Jean’s daughters grabbed a small nearby table to eat. Not sure what the “sign” was for, but it was not for our event. We all did have a chuckle about reading it very carefully. Jeanne, I am sure, is looking down from above so proud of her daughters and their labor of love and carrying on a legacy.
There was a special exhibit of Jeanne’s quilts. The quilt above is called, My Lancaster Tribute. I enjoyed looking at the wonderful exhibit of all her quilts and reading the descriptions.
This quilt caught my eye! It is called Mini Big Quilt by Caroline Murphy. I even recognized some of the blocks from my books in this quilt. It has 49 mini quilts using 16 2″ squares and has over 14,000 pieces…..that is a labor of love.
I live in New Hampshire were we are treated to beautiful fall foliage. This quilt made by Patricia A. Bruno and is called Autumn Birches II. Just stunning and great depth.
I’m not usually a “pink” quilt person, but the award winning quilt was just stunning! I usually take photos of the labels so I can tell later who made it. Oooops. I forgot to get this label.

This red and white award winning quilt is another show stopper. I did get a close-up of the workmanship in this quilt. The quilting was just amazing.
Isn’t it funny how a quilter is often asked how long it took to make a quilt? I imagine lots of hours went into the quilting and piecing of this red and white quilt, but I don’t imagine the quilter was counting them. She was just enjoying the process.
Life in Holly Ridge made by Nancy Prince was another amazing artistic quilt. Nancy wrote that there were 50,000 yards of thread and 5 million stitches used to create the thread painting design.

I stood there and studied the details in this quilt for quite some time. Her grandchildren are the merchants in the town. I would imagine that anyone who can create that much detail in one quilt considered it a labor of love.

I came home from The Gathering feeling filled up with the priviledge of seeing so many labors of love.
All the best,

Sharing Houston Fun

Sunday, November 2nd, 2008

I had every intention of posting to my blog during my week at the Houston Quilt Market and Festival. I did post when I first arrived at market, but boy, the days and nights got so busy, it was just impossible to keep up with it. I did take lots of pictures so now that I am home, I can share some of the fun. Quilt Market is fun with lots to see and do. The above photo was taken in a booth of a “little girl” just enjoying herself to no end.

My new Carol Doak Easy Reversible Vest DVD arrived in Houston and was shown by Sharon Pederson and Elizabeth Phillips of Nine Patch Media to shop owners and distributors. Sharon and Elizabeth are sporting their new easy reversible vests! The DVD was really well received so you should see it showing up at your local quilt shop soon. I am awaiting my supply and will make it available on my web page just as soon as they arrive.

It was fun to see some old friends and make some new friends. I demonstrated in the Martingale, Checkers and C & T booths.

Most of the major fabric companies are their with their wonderful booths showing off their new fabric lines and samples of projects. Here is Ellen Brown of Timeless Treasures fabrics in her booth.
Wow, once Quilt Festival begins, quilters file in by the hundreds. The booths transform to retail booths with everything quilting including the largest collection of fabrics I think you can find in any one place. Quilters are in their element!
Shoppers are everywhere with bags of all kinds holding their finds. Everyone is smiling and just have a super time!
Upstairs, the rooms are filled with teachers and students learning a wide variety of skills. I taught three classes featuring paper foundation piecing. The classes were great and the students did very well. Here is one happy student with her completed Sunrise Quilt from my Mariner’s Compass Stars book.
Once I completed teaching classes, I could head downstairs to shop and look at quilts. It is a daunting task just because the area is so large! The quilts are varied and the skills amazing. The quilt above is called, “Facing North” and was made by Inge Mardal and Steen Hass from Chantilly, France.
The stitching skill on the above quilt, “Twilight”, by Rita Steffenson of Urban, Ohio was just mind blowing. It was a top prize winner and it deserved it.
Some quilts just caught your eye. The one above done of Senator Obama was so interesting. How did she do that with fabric?
And there always as to be the one quilt that stands above them all. This one by Sharon Schamber called, “The Spirit of Mother Earth” shows exquisite workmanship and style. Well done Sharon!
I hope you enjoyed my little taste of Houston.
All the best,