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Celebrating 4000 Members!!!

Monday, August 25th, 2008

The Carol Doak Yahoo Group just hit another milestone with our 4000th member. It still amazes me that our group, only a bit more than two years old, has so many members from all over the world. It has been my custom in the past to create a new block design for the group in celebration of milestone memberships. The design above is our 4000 Member Celebration Block. Members will download the pattern for this block and create their own version. Then members upload photos of their blocks and the eye candy begins. It is so inspiring and exciting to see the same design worked in hundreds of different ways. And, as with past custom, I will also select a random winner to win a prize from all the pictures posted. If you want to join in the fun, just click on the link above.

In a past blog, I requested pictures of projects you have made from the designs in my books. The pictue of the “Turtle” quilt above was sent to me by Mary. Mary used a block design (block 297) from 300 Paper-Pieced Quilt Blocks to make this darling quilt. The little turtles marching throughout the quilt are just precious. Thanks Mary for sharing your quilt pictures.

If you have a picture you would like to share, just send me a jpg at
I just returned from a teaching trip to a lovely quilt shop in Clarion, PA called Sew Elegant. The lecture and workshops were lots of fun and while I was there I stocked up on some fabric for a new project I am working on. Can’t tell you much yet, but standby…news will be shared soon.
All the best,

Smooth Sailing Challenge

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

Just before I left for my quilting cruise, I uploaded a simple boat design for the nearly 4000 members of the Carol Doak Yahoo Group. I challenged the members of the group to make a block or project using this boat. Wow, was I impressed with all the creativity the members displayed. When I returned, there were so many wonderful pictures uploaded by the group members. The boat above was made by Ruth who added a couple of masts and used realistic type fabrics for the water and sky . I was impressed with Ruth’s skill for cutting the directional fabric perfectly.The Christine made the above quilt featuring both large and small boats. She added letters in the white border to add a happy message to go with her boats.

This darling little rag quilt was made by Terry. Now what little guy wouldn’t love cuddling up with that cheerful little quilt?

Irene added a patriotic twist to her block shown above with the red and white stars and stripes fabric. She named it Smooth Sailing in America.
Phyl added quite a bit of detail to her 3 masted schooner.
The Love Boat above was made by Mary D. using a patchwork print fabric for the boat portion.
Oh What A Night! is the name of the block that Julie M. made above. Just darling and complete with fireworks.
One of the things that I love most about this wonderful group is their creativity and sharing. They embrace the designs that I provide and make them their own. When members look at all the possibilities, it really does bring home that patchwork is a creative art and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
If you would like to join in the fun, please do by clicking the link above to join our little group.
All the best,

Oh What A Cruise!!!!

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

I just returned from a wonderful cruise called, Quilt Camp At Sea – 2008 Cruise for a Cure“, where we boarded our ship in Boston and visited Portland, Maine; St. John, New Brunswick, Halifax and Sydney, Nova Scotia; and Bar Harbor, Maine ports. Quilters from all over the world gathered for fun, good food, sightseeing, classes and lectures. This was also a fund raiser for Breast Cancer, where quilts raised thousands of dollars for this worthy cause. The seas were calm but I couldn’t resist having my own little Titanic moment at the bow of the ship.

Our first port was Portland, Maine where we invaded a local quilt shop to stock up on fabric……like most of us don’t have any! Nautical prints were in high demand and it was fun seeing what everyone was purchasing for their stash.
We also enjoyed strolling the streets of Portland and seeing the items in the local shops. Several cruisers took sight seeing trips to see what is special and unique in the Portland, Maine area.

Our next stop was Saint John, New Brunswick where we spent the morning in search of the sights and fabric! As a quilter, it always amazes me how you can find inspiration everywhere for our passion.

In Halifax, we were greeted at the port by two young gentlemen dressed in traditional militia garb. They definitely were a tall drink of water and didn’t mind posing for pictures with hundreds of quilters. I think several quilters were eyeing their lovely plaid kilts!

With a couple of ports behind us and lots of fabrics added to our stashes, it was time to begin classes and lectures. I taught a quilt that I designed specifically for this cruise called Bright Sails. I used a block from my book, 40 Bright & Bold Paper-Pieced Blocks, as the inspiration for this little wall quilt. The students used sewing machines supplied by Janome and got to work making their quilts. Lots of happy students got their quilts underway.

When we reached Sydney, the quilters there went all out to make us feel welcome. A local fabric store, Fabricville, organized a group of local quilters to act as hostesses providing a wonderful display of their quilts, refreshments and just good old fashion friendship when we arrived at the store to shop. Here I am helping one of our cruisers with her fabrics. I was really so impressed with the kindnesses of the local quilters and how open and sharing they were. We visited several shops and artist type galleries in Sydney. One local quilter, Anne Irons, displayed her Cape Breton Heritage quilt and explained the meaning of the the blocks in her lovely quilt.
As one who travels quite a bit, the locations may be different, but it is the people that you meet along the way that make a place special. The Cape Breton quilters certainly made our stop in Sydney very special indeed.

Having a couple of hundred quilters land in Sydney is news and we made the newspaper!!! This photo was snapped by a local reporter of several cruisers comparing purchases as we were leaving the store. Here I am lusting after one of the purchased fabrics. This clipping was sent to me by one of the Sydney quilters.

Back on ship, there were more classes and lectures and lots and lots of great food and good times. The trip was great fun and lots of lasting friendships were made. But mostly, it was just plain fun with lots of laughs!
All the best,

Stunning Brazilian Sampler

Thursday, August 7th, 2008

I simply love to receive “Show and Tell” from people who have made projects using the designs in my books. This photo came all the way from Brazil and was made by Jane Bertolaccini. It is a great use of the varied blocks available in 300 Paper-Pieced Quilt Blocks and the setting is simply stunning.
Jane’s wrote: I would like to share with you the attached photograph of a lap quilt I have just finished. Last Christmas I got “300 Paper-Pieced Quilt Blocks” as a gift, and so far – due to lack of time – I had only made a pillow. Now I feel like I have done the book justice! The quilt measures 64″ X 64″ and is formed by 32 log cabin blocks and 30 foundation blocks from Carol’s book (plus an appliquéd squirrel and a Dresden Plate, which I have included at my daughter’s request!).

There are no quilters in my city besides me… but I have been teaching some women and now that they have seen my quilt they are all dying to order their own copies of the book!


Jane Bertolaccini

Thanks so much for sharing your quilt Jane and for sharing the fun of paper piecing in Brazil!

If you have made a project from one of my books that you would like to share, please email me your jpg image to

May all your points be perfect!

Eureka Outdoor Quilt Show Trip

Monday, August 4th, 2008

First, let me explain why you have not seen any posts from me lately. I was caught up in the mass declaration of many blogs being labeled as a “spam” blog and my blog was locked so I could not post anything. It was just finally was unlocked and I am relieved. I am learning all the time…
Now, on to the fun of sharing my latest trip.  I just returned from Eureka, Montana where I had the pleasure of teaching several workshops prior to their charming outdoor quilt show. This upper northwest part of Montana is absolutely beautiful and I enjoyed snapping pictures from the moment I arrived.
Quilters arrived from nearby and many from neighboring states came to enjoy the few days of classes and then enjoy the show on Saturday. I taught a Fire and Ice workshop from the Mariner`s Compass Stars book, on the
first day. The students enjoyed making their Iceland blocks and some students worked so quickly they almost had their tops completed by the end of the class. It was fun to see how different the blocks looked using the varied fabric combinations.

I taught at the local school so the classroom was spacious and the lighting was wonderful. We did do quite a bit of laughing and just enjoying the day.

I stayed in a charming log cabin very close to the US and Canadian border. During a ride one day, I was able to snap a photo of the “cut line” denoting the border between the US and Canada. I never knew that they did that to show the border line and I thought it was really interesting to actually see the border.
On the second day, I taught the Perfect Points class. This is a class that is designed to take the student through the entire paper piecing process from choosing fabric to putting on the border. I do believe that everyone in the class completed their project. Many gathered around a table to admire their perfect points and the varied color combinations.
This show is always held the first Saturday in August. I highly recommend it!
I am relieved that I am up and blogging again. Perhaps, one of the things I learned waiting for my blog to be “unlocked” is patience.
Until next time, may all your points be perfect.