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Let the Fun Begin-Collect the Clues and Win 60 Fat Quarters!!!

Thursday, July 17th, 2008

As the members of my Yahoo Group know, I do love surprises and giving away prizes. I decided it should be no different here so I will begin a new game called “Collect the Clues” with this blog. It will be a sort of scavenger hunt in search of an image. In each blog, I will give you a clue to the image and at a set future date, the first person who emails me the answer to what the image is and where it was specifically found will win 60 Fat Quarters of fabric from one of my previous fabric collections!!!!

Clue #1 – Come on in and sit awhile and rest from your trip on the internet superhighway at my new home.

The bird photo above is a picture of the three little baby birds that have been resting at the top of my front porch. I’ve had a bird’s eye view (sorry, couldn’t resist it) of their birth and development. I have really been fascinated watching the mother bird return to feed them and keep them in line. And she does keep them in line! They have grown amazingly fast and in recent days I’ve watched them hang on to the edge of the nest and try their wings. I expect they will be leaving in a few days. I will be sad to see them leave. I’ve kind of taken them under my wing, but I know the UPS man will be thrilled. You see, the Mama and Daddy bird have been standing watch over the nest sitting on the house gutter. If anyone tries to come to our front porch, they dive bomb them and flutter their wings in an effort to shoo them away. So why am I sharing these photos with you? It is just a reminder to notice the wonderful world around us. 
Until next time, may all your points be perfect