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Now that winter is in full force, much of the country is seeing mostly white. Thank goodness for February when pink and red are the predominant holiday colors for Valentine's Day.

I designed a February Illusion block for the Carol Doak Quilting Group and many members have already whipped up a block. It did help that I uploaded it a few days early so members could sew away through the snowstorm in the east.

Spring is only a few months away and our world will once again be painted with many vibrant colors.

The February Illusion block on the left was made by Suni from the group. At first glance, I thought it was a digital drawing, but it is actually a sewn block. Love her color combination! There is so much to take in.



The Carol Doak Web Store


The first bit of news is that my book, Show Me How to Paper Piece, has gone out of print. This little gem came out in 1997 and has been a staple for teaching others to paper piece for many years. I will miss this little book, but things can't last forever. The good news is that I still do have some copies of this book in the web store and they will be available while supplies last.

In thinking about which of my books could take it's place to teach others paper piecing, 50 Little Paper-Pieced Blocks is perfect. This book has all the basic paper piecing instructions for the student to have as a reference. It contains 50 small blocks ranging from just a few pieces to more pieces so the student can grow into more complex blocks. Small projects like door quilts for the holidays, wall hangings for children, quilts to celebrate the season, and there is a block for every occassion to use them in the Carol Doak Keepsake Cards.

I am going to put the 50 Little Paper-Pieced Blocks book on sale this month or you can pick up the bundle purchase of the book and the cards and save.

Close-Out Sale of Mini Printed Patterns

There are only a few patterns left in the printed pattern close-out section. These patterns come with all the directions and the printed foundations on Carol Doak Foundation Paper. They are fun to make and make great gifts for friends. At the $4 close-out price, they are a bargain that won't last long.

Don't forget to add on the Add-An-Eighth ruler when you order these patterns if you don't have one. They are perfect for trimming the seam allowances to reduce the bulk in these smaller patterns.




Paper-Pieced Stars

I love seeing my students soar! The quilt on the left was made by Milaine and she did a super job and I think she enjoyed the experience.

"Thank you Carol for a wonderful experience!!"

Several students have posted pictures of their completed quilts and blocks. The color combinations vary, but the results are stunning. If you would like to learn at your own pace, please do join me at Craftsy. Click on the picture and save $20 to sign up for the course for only $19.99.

You receive all the patterns for the stars and the quilts.


Mastering Foundation Paper Piecing

This was my first Craftsy class and it is a huge hit. Nearly 20,000 students have enrolled in this class leaving high praise for all that they learned and for having fun while they learned. Terry uploaded this picture of her Mariner`s Compass Star block. Just today, someone wrote to ask how you figure out what size piece to cut and I told her about this class because that is one of the things I cover.

Just click on the link above or the picture to save $20 to sign up for the course for only $14.99.

With all the free patterns and the free ebook, that is a tremendous value!

Speaking of great value, Jinny Beyer is doing their 2015 Block of the Month and the price is nothing. That is right. It is free. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from one of the best! Jinny wrote me recently to let me know that she will be including a few paper-pieced blocks in this quilt and she always uses, Carol Doak Foundation Paper.


Carol Doak Quilting Group

The group members have been busy finishing up projects like the Scrap Scramble quilts from last year. Just to keep everyone on their toes, I have been uploading blocks. This is the February Illusion block. The block on the left was made by Anita and the block on the right was made by Grace. This block has lots of pieces but it is not difficult to make. When I design blocks, I purposely look for ways to reduce matching points so they are easy to make. If you want to join in the fun, just click on the link above.

On the Personal Side

As many of you know, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer last year. My surgeries and treatments are thankfully behind me. However, I just went for my 1 year Mammogram and am very relieved and thankful to receive the good news that all is well. I know many of you have kept me in your prayers and thoughts and I am also so thankful for all of you.

Until next time,


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