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I am sending out the March Newsletter just a bit early because I will be traveling at the end of the month. February was a busy month for me including a fabulous trip to Dubai. I will chat more about that trip later in the newsletter.


The image on the left is the center portion of the Hearts and Roses Quilt made by KennyKreations. I had the pleasure of meeting Lyn Kenny in Houston last year and we entered into an agreement to give KennyKreations the exclusive right to digitize some of my designs using the piece-in-the hoop technique. The two heart blocks are pieced-in-the-hoop. You have the choice of making them as I intended, or adding the roses and rosebud embroidery. In addition, there are 3 quilting designs to coordinate with the embroidery. Feathered hearts quilting design for the white borders a linked hearts design for the pink borders, and  linked hearts for the pink setting squares.



I think the quilt and the gorgeous quilting designs are simply spectacular. This is the first of several digitized designs that will be available at KennyKreations. If you would like to know more, please visit the Kenny Kreations site.

The Web Store



I have decided to make the Simply Sensational 9-Patch Stars book the March book of the month and place it on sale this month fo a couple of reasons. First, this is hands down the most popular book declared by many members of the Carol Doak Quilting group for its versatility. Second, it is a great beginner book. Third, I just designed a wonderful quilt for my Hawaii Cruise next year called "Stars over Hawaii" using the foundation factory that comes with the book and unit 21 for the side pieces and unit 24 for the middle and corners.

I am so hooked on the fact that the foundations are so easy to make and yet the resulting designs are so varied, I plan to create a challenge for the group based upon these designs.

Take advantage of the on sale price this month to add this book to your library.


The Carol Doak Quilting Group


We are now 7,675 members strong....simply amazing. After the very successful Mystery quilt from last year, I have held back a bit to permit members to catch up on projects. It appears they are caught up because when the Black and White Basket Swap was offered, members joined in the fun in record numbers.


The blocks at the left were made by Abby in California for the swap. Abby wrote that she was keeping the block in the center and swapping the others. We simply can`t have a swap without having a challenge to put them together in a project.

So I offered the challenge to the group. I can't wait to see what everyone does with their little baskets.

Since members seem to be ready for the next challenge, I will begin working on that soon. If you want to join in the fun, please click on the name of the group above to join us.

An Update from the Piecing Hope Project

I received a lovely email from Alex offering an update about the Piecing Hope Project. I shared information about the Piecing Hope project a couple of years ago in one of my monthly newsletters. The goal of the project is to make a quilt for Aids orphans. Each quilt is made for a particular child and is personal and unique. The quilts signify the value of each child in the world.

You only need to see those bright smiles on the faces of children like Zadok (who is showing off his quilt made by Angie of Grants Pass, Oregon) to know that these quilts make a difference in their lives.  I recognize some of those blocks!

When I first shared information about this project, both Alex and I were thrilled with how many quilters offered to make quilts. Many quilts have been sent and cherished, but there are now new children at the orphanage, so there is still a need. If you would like to read more about the project and perhaps choose a child to make a quilt especially for them, the web site is Piecing Hope

 On the Road Again... all are among the first to know that the next cruise will be to Hawaii in September 2013. I am so excited about this cruise. I have traveled to Hawaii a few times to teach, but cruising around the islands is just a wonderful dream. Debbie Caffrey and Charlotte Angotti are the other two teachers. I have known both Debbie and Charlotte for years, so this cruise promises to be a blast!

You have plenty of time to plan for this one so there is no reason to hesitate. I am sure this trip will be one of those trips of a lifetime. If you want to read more about it, just click on the postcard on the left.


The trip to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates was simply amazing on so many levels. First of all the city is stunning and the buildings often leave you speechless. And then as you travel across the creek on the little wooden boats, to visit the gold and spice souks (markets), you feel as if you are going back in time. The people could not have been more welcoming and a joy to be with. If you would like to read more about this trip, I did a three part blog with lots of pictures. Just click on the picture on the right to begin reading Part one.

I leave soon for the Caribbean cruise so I am sure I will have lots to share next month about the fun on board.


This will be my last trip until I head to Australia in July to teach for Quilting in the Higlands.

Until next time, keep smiling,


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