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July 2009 Carol Doak Newsletter

Thanks Mark Lapinski for naming my web site as one of the BEST ON THE WEB in your latest issue of Quilter's Home Magazine!

When I upload a free pattern,whether to my web page or the Carol Doak Yahoo Group, I don't always know how it will be interpreted by those who use them. When Lisa Souza of Vermont announced to the group that her miniature quilt, Little Gem, had won an Exceptional Merit Ribbon at the 2009 Vermont Quilt Festival, I was pleased as punch for her. Lisa used one of the block designs that I had uploaded to the group (2500 Member Celebration Block) to create this 14 1/2" Little Gem containing 500 pieces.
It is no surprise that her quilt captured the attention of the judges and their praise. It is simply a special Little Gem.

Congratulations Lisa on a beautiful quilt and the recognition it received.

The Web Store

Book of the Month

It has been some time since I have offered this book as the book of the month. I was inspired to create these blocks that take on the drama of the radiating design of the Mariner`s Compass block, but are so quick and easy to make. The first block in the book is the Africa block and each section only has three pieces!

Mariner`s Compass Stars contains 24 blocks and nine different quilt layouts for blocks set straight and blocks set on point.

It also comes with the much valued Foundation Factory CD to print your foundations from miniatures to large blocks. Take advantage of the on sale price this month to add this "must have" to your library.

Carol Doak Yahoo Group

It has been a pretty incredible month at the Carol Doak Yahoo Group. On June 3, we celebrated our 3rd Anniversary. Then a couple of days later, we reached the milestone of 5,000 members. When we do reach such milestones, I upload a new block design for the group. I had been giving this design some thought for some time. I wanted something dramatic that would stand alone, but also something that would make a super quilt with secondary patterns. I think this block does that. Members have been making quilts and blocks and uploading their photos. Kathi H. in GA just uploaded her striking block today! It really does pop!

The Scenic Block of the Months continue to be very popular with the members. Just today, I uploaded the new July Block of the Month and before I knew it, there was a picture uploaded by Carole D. I love to see how the members put their personality in their block. It also is a great way to see so many different creative color options for the same block.

And to round things off, I started and completed a Mystery Quilt. I uploaded the yardage and the cutting instructions first. Members gathered their fabrics and then I uploaded five steps. There are only three relatively simple foundations in this quilt. The completed tops are beginning to be uploaded to the site and already the variety is just mind boggling. All very different and stunning.

Anita D. took it to another level by reducing the blocks to 2" and making a smaller version of the Mystery Quilt.

If you want to join in the fun, please do. It is free, you can come to the site and look around.

What`s New?

My new fabric line designs are coming along nicely. I am really pleased with the colors and textures. I have begun creating a pattern just to showcase the creative options it presents. The fabrics will be presented to the shops in August and expect shipment from Northcott in January. So, we have some time, but Floral Affair is now quite official.

As you know, I filmed a segment for The Quilt Show in March. I have learned that my Episode 602 is posting January 18, 2010.

On the Road Again

I am heading to Texas and Long Beach, California this month. I hope to meet some of you along the way.
Until next time, keep smiling,

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