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May 2009 Newsletter From Carol Doak

First let me explain why you are receiving the May Newsletter while it is still April. I will be on an airplane on May 1, flying off to teach for a 10 day trip. So, it was either send this out a few days early or many days late.
Spring is definitely in full-swing across the country and we are being treated to the wonderful colors that only nature can provide.
The quilt at the right was made by Mary H from Spokane, Washington. Mary is a member of the Carol Doak Yahoo Group and she used a design that I created for our group when we celebrated our anniversary. Many added some wonderful touches to her quilt. Mary wrote about her quilt the following:
I added text from the 300pp design book to spell out "Plant a Seed, Grow a Garden" . In the middle of the quilt, I left a large space of blue for a blue sky and while quilting it, I wrote "Welcome Spring". I showed this at the Spokane WSQ meeting yesterday, and all the members cheered when I said welcome spring! We had too long of a winter! Any hoo...Enjoy! Mary H-Spokane,WA
Thanks Mary for sharing your wonderful quilt.

The Web Store
Just in case you missed last month's newsletter, I did add back to the store the Rotary Point Cutters. I found a limited supply and will have them available until the supply is exhausted. I still have hundreds of the replacement don't ever want to run out of those!

I have also found a new supplier for the Scissor Tweezers. These are great for getting out those little pieces of paper left behind. I expect my new supply to arrive any day now.

I am also working on some new items to add to the store, so stand by.

The DVD of the Month
I typically announce a book of the month in this space, but I thought I was time to have a DVD of the Month since I now have more than one DVD. Carol Doak Teaches You to Paper Piece was my first DVD about paper piecing and it is jam packed full of information that you can watch and see explained.
The focus of the DVD is to start at the beginning and take you through the entire process. Then, there are several segments that you can watch about topics like choosing fabrics, figuring out how much fabric you need and time saving tips like speed cutting fabrics.
Many people learn more easily by being shown rather than reading and this DVD does just that. It also offers you the opportunity to replay the segment and watch it again, and again and again.
Even if you know how to paper piece, I expect you will learn some valuable information shared on this DVD. One reviewer wrote that the "Bloopers" were worth the cost of the DVD. Take advantage this month to add this one to your DVD library.

New Free Pattern

Ok, I admit it. The wonderful spring flowers were getting to me and I just need to play around with a new block showcasing flowers. I uploaded this new block design and quilt suggestion last week in anticipation of announcing it in this newsletter.

Well, I was delighted to see that one of our members in the Carol Doak Yahoo Group discovered the upload of the new pattern all on her own and made the block.

The group is beginning new Lottery Block fun for each month and Sharon from New York decided to use the new design.

Sharon wrote when she posted her picture to the group that she chose this design because it reminded her of the wonderful tulip basket my grandson brought me - loved how it looked so much, I made myself one.
Sharon V - NY

Sharon, just a few more blocks and you will have the quilt above made!

Carol Doak Yahoo Group

With the beginning of the month, comes the new Block of the Month design that I upload for the group. I uploaded the May block early because I was going to be away and already members are making fabulous blocks and uploading them for everyone to admire.

With 200 members shy of 5,000 members, seeing the eye candy made by members from all over the world is so inspiring. Merilyn of NSW Australia made the May block on the left and definitely put a touch of Australia in the block.

When I looked over the April Blocks members have made, I was just blown away with all their creativity. The challenge is simply to make the block and upload a picture. Then at the end of the month, I pull a random name from those posted to win a prize. The designs for the BOM remain in the files section, so you can jump in at any time to begin your blocks.
We are about 200 members from reaching 5,000 members. I would have never dreamed that would happen when I began the group just under three years ago. I am going to have to put on my thinking cap for something REALLY BIG to celebrate reaching 5,000 members.

On The Road Again

It has been on my "to do" list to update my travel dates through the end of 2010 for some time now. I just completed that task so you can now see where I will be teaching and lecturing. I will not be traveling to teach in 2011, but will resume a limited schedule in 2012.
This week I head off to Texas to take part in the "Airing of the Quilts" in Huntsville and visiting the quilt guilds in The Woodlands and Kingwood. Then I will be in Rochester, NY and at the North Carolina Symposium. I hope to meet some of you along the way.
Until next time,

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