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February 2009 Carol Doak Newsletter

I've just returned home from a two-week long trip to fabulous New Zealand. Beth Hayes, Editor-in-Chief of McCall's Quilting, and I led about 40 quilters on a trip of a lifetime. We did so much during this trip visiting gardens, museums, wildlife, quilters, quilt guilds and even the original bungey jumping site. No, I didn't jump but our wonderful guide did! I have so many wonderful photos and stories to share. I just uploaded the first of several blogs I plan to write about this trip. Do stop back to the website often to read all about this wonderful trip. In the photo above, Beth and I are standing high above Auckland the day after we arrived. The tall needle building between us was our hotel.
We even made the newspaper while we were visiting Dunedin. You can read the story and see the photo here

The Web Store

Visit the web store to take advantage of bundled items that are less than if you purchased them individually.

The new Book of the Month this month is the Mariner`s Compass Stars book. This book contains mariner`s compass style blocks that are really easy to make. There are 24 blocks, each named for countries and areas of the world, including New Zealand! It also contains several easy to make quilts and comes with the Foundation Factory CD to print the foundations in any size you like. I love this book because the blocks look complex, but are really quick and easy to make. Take advantage of the reduced price this month to add this one to your library.

New Easy Reversible Vest Kit

Nine Patch Media, the company that produced my new Easy Reversible Vest DVD, came up with a great idea of putting together a kit featuring items like the pattern trace, interfacing, bodkin, Add-A-Quarter ruler and flat headed pins and put them all together in this convenient kit. Sure beats running around collecting items when you can have them all delivered right to your door. I put a link to their website above it you would like to take a look.


Free Patterns Section

I've uploaded a new free pattern here. I designed this Cross My Heart pattern for the Carol Doak Yahoo Group when we made blocks for the Quilts of Valor program. Everyone enjoyed making this block and I thought it would be a great block to add to my web page for February. It works up great with scrap fabrics and makes a delightful quilt. Enjoy.

I also uploaded the second article that I wrote for Quilter's Newsletter some years back (with their permission) about how to design paper-pieced blocks. This article takes the approach of starting from scratch to play with the possibilities and how to approach designing a specific design.


The Carol Doak Yahoo Group

Since I was going to be just arriving home when the February block of the month should be uploaded, I uploaded the design for the group before I left. Those busy little bees made lots of February blocks already and they are all so charming. This darling block was made by Kela and plays off the Valentine`s Day theme. I thought is was just really special.

Members are also enjoying lots of swaps and fun times. If you would like to join in the fun, click on the link above to see what we are all about.

On The Road Again

Fortunately for me, I am home next week doing lots of catching up. However then I will be heading to Illinois and then off to sunny Florida for the rest of the month. If you ever wonder if I will be in your area teaching or lecturing, you can always check my teaching schedule.

Until next time, may all your quilts be cozy,
All the best,

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