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January 2009 Carol Doak Newsletter

First, let me wish you all a very Happy New Year and best wishes for an awesome 2009!!!

The Web Store

I just updated several items in the Web Store as "surprise sale" items so take advantage of the reduced prices on these surprise sales to treat yourself! I no longer have any Rotary Point Cutters (and I am still searching for a tool that works as well), but I do have a stock of the refill blades. They are a surprise sale item!
Also, take advantage of the bundled items as they are less when purchased together.

Book of the Month

I selected the Simply Sensational 9-Patch Stars book as the Book of the Month and reduced the price. This book comes with its own Foundation Factory CD so you can print your foundations in any size you like. With the opportunity to combine the very simple foundations to create over 2500 different block designs, this book is without a doubt the most versatile book I have ever written. In the follow-up to my September Newsletter, I showed how you could use the foundations in this book to make the Storm at Sea quilt.

Free Patterns

I am often asked if I have a Pink Ribbon block design. Actually, my friend Mimi Dietrich asked me to design such a block for her Pink Ribbon Quilts book. Since the book is out of print, I asked Mimi if I could share the pattern in my free patterns section and she graciously agreed.

I also just uploaded a pdf. file in the Free Patterns section (couldn't think of where else to offer it) of a column I wrote for Quilters Newsletter several years ago. This column covered the topic of converting traditional block designs to paper-pieced designs. I am delighted to offer this information for this frequently asked question.

My New Web Blog

Several months ago, I began blogging. Love the more personal aspect of a blog and the opportunity to share lots of pictures and the latest news. I have just made the switch from having my blog on "blogspot" to having it right here on my web page. Just stop by the home page and click on the "Blog" button in the upper right hand corner. I expect to get my next new blog up tomorrow and look forward to sharing some surprises in the next few weeks. Bookmark it and stop back often.

Carol Doak Yahoo Group

The December Block of the Month was amazingly popular and the variety of designs submitted using the same block design mind blowing. This darling little block was made by Carole D. Stop by and see the vast array of blocks made by our members.

Well, we have done it!!! We are now over 4500 members and that meant it was time for me to design a new block design for the group. The 4500 Member Celebration block was just uploaded so the anticipation of everyone's take on the block is building. This block was made by Karen.
Click on the link above to join in the fun!

On The Road Again

I leave next week for my first trip of the New Year to Texas and after the winter weather we have experienced here in NH in December, it can't come too fast for me! I'll only be home a couple of days when I return and then I am off to help Beth Hayes of McCall's Quilting guide a tour to New Zealand for a couple of weeks. It is summer in New Zealand...again...good planning on my part! Until next time,
All the best,

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