I am so excited to tell you about my new book being released in September. This book is a second edition of my Best-Selling 50 Fabulous Paper-Pieced Stars book. This new book, titled 60 Fabulous Paper-Pieced Stars, gave me the opportunity to remake all the original blocks in contemporary fabrics. To be honest, at first I wasn't looking forward to remaking all 50 blocks, but as I finished each block and compared it to the block of 20 years ago, my response was always WOW! It also gave me the opportunity to go shopping for lots of contemporary fabrics.

When we considered the 2nd Edition, I was eager to add things to this book that I wished was in the original book. So, you will find in this book directions for calculating yardage for a quilt using one block.

There is no CD in this book because the Foundation Factory has sunset as QuiltPro Systems has gone out of business. However, I have found that scanning images into my computer as pdf. files offers the opportunity to have digital images that I can print in the original size, or scale up or down. This book will have a lay-flat binding to make that process easy.

And, the opportunity to design 10 new blocks to represent some of our National Parks was really fun. I think you will see that some of these blocks are very different types of 8 Pointed Stars.

Your can pre-order now on Amazon by clicking on the image below, or ask your local quilt shop owner to order one for you so you will be sure to have your copy when it comes in. The first printing of my last book sold out in weeks, so you don't want to wait.


Yeah! My newest book is out and it is already a Best Seller. Just click on the book cover to order

 This is the perfect introduction to Paper Piecing! Use just one block design to walk you through the entire process from start to finish.

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Show Me How to Paper Piece, 2nd Edition

Everything Beginners Need to Know; Includes Preprinted Designs on Foundation Paper

Quick & easy and paper-piecing method!

Learn the basics of paper-piecing with renowned teacher Carol Doak. Beginners leap into quilting and create your first paper-pieced quilt with thorough instructions and guided visuals to help achieve a perfect, accurate block. Create your own wall quilt by sewing blocks that can be completed in 3 simple steps!

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This book is the perfect introduction to paper piecing and has taught so many how to achieve the wonderful accuracy in quilting. C & T Publishing also provides a lesson plan for this book for retailers. If you want to teach a class, simply have students bring the book to class with their supplies, they are ready to learn and they go home with the instructions as a refresher!

Click on this image below to watch Video 1 about my new book. 

This video tell you how to get all set up to paper piece.

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Click on this image below to watch Video 2 about how to paper piece. 

 This video walks you through the process.

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Announcing the Release of Two of My Best Selling Books via Print-On-Demand!!!!!!!!

Since these books went out of print, I have received so many emails from people asking where they could purchase them. The prices for used copies were sky rocketing! Finally I have an answer!!! Whether you are adding these classics to your quilt library or a shop teaching classes from these books, they now can be ordered on line. Just click on the book or the link to order.



 Helpful information for loading older Foundation Factory CDs on Windows Computers.

Installing Quilt-Pro and other programs with
Windows 7, 8, 10 or Windows Vista

If you are unable to install your Quilt-Pro Systems program on Windows 7 or Windows Vista, the problem is actually with the "auto run" program that starts the installer. Here are two ways to deal with the auto run program so that you can install your software:
Solution #1
When you insert the disk in the drive, the program should attempt to launch an install wizard for the program automatically. In this case, the AutoPlay dialog box will appear. However, instead of choosing to 'run Autorun.exe' or install the program, you should choose to 'Open folder to view files'. Then locate the program's setup file, called Setup or Setup.exe. Right Click on the file and choose Run as Administrator. When it asks you if you want the program to run, choose Allow.
Solution #2

If the AutoPlay dialog box doesn't appear but gives you an error message, click cancel to clear theerror message. Then go to the Start button, click on the Computer icon. Once in the Computer screen, you should see the CD with the program icon. Right-click on the icon and choose 'Explore' or "Open".Then locate the program's setup file, called Setup or Setup.exe. Right Click on the file and choose Run as Administrator. When it asks you if you want the program to run, choose Allow.
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What is New In the Free Patterns Section?

Sunflower Quilt




 New Quilt Shop and Quilt Teacher Section:

Quilt Shops: The Carol Doak`s Foundation Paper can be ordered from your distributor or directly from C & T Publishing at 1-800-284-1114. 

New Free Pattern For Teaching Paper Piecing: I am often asked if patterns from my books can be copied and distributed for the purpose of teaching a class. They cannot as this would violate copyright.However, I have uploaded a block pattern in the Free Patterns section that can be used for teaching others how to paper piece. Permission to reproduce the pattern is given for this purpose and is printed on the pattern.