Fire and Ice Workshop Brings the Fire Department

Today I went off to teach a workshop from my Mariner`s Compass Stars¬† book, called Fire and Ice. I had just gone through the introductory information about the class and the fire alarms began ringing with directions to exit the building. So, we all did as told and went to the area outside the lobby of the hotel. The sirens could be heard and the big red fire engines appeared. With short order, it was determined that it was a false alarm, but as we gathered outside, we had our picture taken with one of the fireman on his truck. He was interested in our “Fire and Ice” quilting class and I do believe he was having fun.

I’ve taught this class many times but it never brought the Fire Department. Once settled down, we got back to the business of the class. The students did very well with several finishing their center block. All and all it was a good day to stay inside and enjoy the air conditioning.
Now on to the Collect the Clues game I wrote about yesterday. The idea is that I will provide a clue with each post. Each successive clue should suggest narrow the location on the internet and eventually bring you to an image I will describe last. In other words the clues will narrow down where you will eventually find the image you are looking for. Don’t email me your idea of what the image might be until I announce that the last clue has been provided.
Today’s clue is: While you are resting, you will have lots to do, some things to buy and lots to see and you will always know where I am if you click on the teal button in the upper right hand corner.
May all your points be perfect,

4 Responses to “Fire and Ice Workshop Brings the Fire Department”

  1. Pat D. Says:

    Carol, I think I know the answer to your clues. Is it your website.

    I sure hope so.

    Live long and quilt much
    Pat D. is Aston, PA

  2. Pat D. Says:

    Sorry Carol I didn’t remember about not emailing you until the last clue.

    Live long and quilt much
    Pat D. in Aston, Pa

  3. Patricia Kent Szymanski Says:


    I really enjoyed being a part of your creative and entertaining classes yesterday and today (Fire & Ice and Sensational 9 Patch Squares). Who would have known that you had connections to the local Fire Department?!!! I'm looking forward to learning some more good tips from you in the future!

    Thanks and happy quilting,

    Patricia Kent Szymanski
    Exeter, New Hampshire

  4. Donna in NH Says:

    Hi Carol, I always knew your “Fire and Ice” Wallhaning/quilt was “HOT” but so was that Fireman!!! Sorry, I just couldn’t resist that one – I’m surprised someone else from our group didn’t say it first! What a fun ‘coffee break’ that must have been! I think I know what the answer is too, but I’ll wait until the last clue to be sure.
    Donna Palumbo in NH